Keywords: Lupa Grabuzdov, Diariusz, thinking, studies, M. Zerov


Mykola Zerov (1890-1937) was the leading representative of the Ukrainian intellectuals. The article looks into the research of his formation of the national-patriotic worldview. He was born in a village and raised in a large family of teacher K. Zerov. Mykola learned to read early, from the childhood. Among school subjects he preferred history and geography. He studied in Okhtyr Men's Gymnasium, and since the autumn of 1903 – the First Kyiv Gymnasium. As the boy liked to study, his further path was determined – Kyiv`s University of St. Volodymyr. The patriotic position of M. Zerov was showed studying at the Faculty of History and Philology. Already in his student years – he founded the Krolevets community and wore a national shirt. After successfully defending his diploma, he graduated from the Zlatopil Men's High School as a teacher of history and ancient languages. The young teacher quickly found common ground with the students, managing to make a fascinating story with the most urgent topic. His emplacement coincided with the outbreak of the First World War, from which he was released due to a defect in sight. However, this did not prevent the teacher from joining his students in circles, organizing their participation in concerts to help the army. In view of the revolutionary events in Kyiv, M. Zerov immediately left Zlatopillya and left for the capital. There he was a teacher at the Second Kyiv Men's High School. Some of his students took the part in the famous Battle of Kruty in 1918. An interesting part of M. Zerov's initial activity was his work in the circle formed around G. Narbut. The poet played a significant role in inventing an interesting figure of Ukrainian literary critic Lupa Grabuzdov. It is mentioned that the M. Zerov's patriotic thinking was formed already before the First World War. He was able to complete his higher education, to be divided into teaching, and later to come to Kyiv. In the capital the whirlwind of the revolutionary struggle took place.

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