Keywords: Mykola Polzunov, burgomaster, auxiliary administration, Nazi occupation, Mykolaiv


On the basis of declassified documents of the former Soviet special services the unknown activity of Mykola Vasylovych Polzunov as a burgomaster of occupied Mykolaiv in 1941-1944 is investigated. His role in the recovery of industrial and communal enterprises, social organizations and institutions of the city, as well as their staffing during August-December 1941 as a chief engineer of the city government, has been clarified. The conditions under which Mykola Polzunov was appointed mayor, his activity in the implementation of the occupation policy of the invaders in the fields of human resources exploitation, recovered industry, management of state trade, housing and communal services, urban transport, medical and educational institutions, taxation of the locals have been revealed. It has been established that, for his energetic cooperation with the Nazi administration, he was twice awarded medals directly by Gebietskommissar Dr. Otto on behalf of Adolf Hitler. The activities of the local address bureau of the local population census, whose statistics (age, nationality, gender, profession) was actively used during the mobilization and deportation of urban able-bodied youth for forced labor to the territory of Hitler Europe have been separately disclosed. The communications of the burgomaster with the special services of the Third Reich, the Kingdom of Romania, as well as with the representative of the Bulgarian delegation in Odessa Misho Khadzhyiskyi have been covered. The fate of Mykola Polzunov and his family after the evacuation from Mykolaiv in March 1944 has been clarified and his place of residence in Bulgaria has been localized. The conditions under which he voluntarily showed up in the Soviet border regiment and was sent to the USSR, where he received capital punishment for his cooperation with the Nazi occupiers, have been covered.


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