Keywords: the centralization, the liquidation, an economic war, «Sovkino», the autonomy, VUFKU


The article looks into the period of activity of the All-Ukrainian Photo Cinema Administration (VUFKU) – an organization that managed the entire film industry of the USSR during 1922-1930. The author’s conclusions are based on such materials as archival documents from the Central State Archive of Supreme Authorities and Governments of Ukraine and The Central State Archive of Public Associations of Ukraine. The author outlines the difficult relations with a similar Russian republican organization «Sovkino». In the mid1920s, perceiving VUFKU as its main competitor in the union market, «Sovkino» tried to weaken Ukraine's position in any possible way. It is mentioned that in the late 1920s the Ukrainian leadership fought for the preservation of film autonomy. It is stressed a clear centralizing policy of the allied leadership, aimed at the liquidation of national republican organizations and the subordination of the entire film industry to the Moscow center. The profits of the Ukrainian film industry in 1920s as a result of successful rental and purchase of foreign films, attracted the attention of "Sovkino" which sought to subjugate the Ukrainian market. The Russian state institutions easily complemented the economic confrontation between VUFKU and «Sovkino» with the creating conflicts in such areas as: production of equipment, an education, as well as through plus the ideological control over the film industry. In the late 1920s the centralization trend began to form in the All-Union dimension, so the doom of national cinemas became inevitable. There were different views of the Ukrainian and Russian sides on the path of Soviet culture in that time. When this issue was actively discussed in the USSR, the RSFSR had a clear centralizing line, which could not be avoided in the plans of the party leadership.


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