“Hulyaypole – Makhno native land” mithologeme in oral narratives of residents of the South of Ukraine

  • O. M. Zelenyak
Keywords: historiography, the individual memories, the Makhno‟s movement, makhnovshchina, Nestor Makhno


The article is about place of the period of the Civil war in Ukraine and the figure of the “makhnovshchyna” leader Nestor Makhno in the individual memories of witness. It was found that most people had not know concrete historical events but themed “makhnovshchyna” attracted them to their heroism and unknown. Memories of N. Makho were cousidered the evidence submitted to them were anylized and their comparison with the data of historiographical work of the Soviet period was held. It has been drawn a conclusion that there is a conflict of official and historical memory about the “makhnovshchyna” and its leader.


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