Political and Diplomatic Activities and The Historical Heritage of Francesco Guicciardini (1483-1540) (to the Institutional Roots of European Foreign Policy Traditions)

  • vjacheslav Tsivatyi Taras Shevchenko National University of Kyiv
Keywords: diplomacy, foreign policy, history of diplomacy, institutionalization, the Renaissance, Francesco Guicciardini, Italy, Ukraine


The basic directions of political, diplomatic and literary working of the famous contemporary of the Renaissance – Francesco Guicciardini (1483-1540), because his practical experience and literary and poetic heritage had not lost their relevance to this day, and his name and work closely to bind Italy and Ukraine through the centuries and millennia of European history is analized at the article.

The process of formation and development of book-printing in Italy during the classical Middle Ages, as well as the historical role of the Italy book in the political-diplomatic and institutional development of the England statehood is analyzed at the article. Attention is focused on the intellectual history and various subspecies of the Italy intellectual heritage of the studied period. Attention is focused on the national peculiarities of Italy diplomacy and foreign policy. Which has a long historical tradition and stages of institutional development.

At the turn of the Middle Ages and early modern times there is an objective process driven by the launch of the institutional design of foreign policy and diplomatic services of the leading countries in Europe. Accordingly, there is the relationship between the original concepts and priorities: «Europe», «identity», «humanity», «foreign policy» and «diplomacy», «war» and «peace» and so on. To that issues related to contemporary and evaluation for various state-legal forms and types of government, institutional political processes, characteristics of reality and ideals create tasks and in covering practice power models diplomacy, diplomacy institutions, humanistic traditions of diplomatic tools and more.

The article deals with the analysis of the foreign policy and diplomacy of the European states of the Middle Ages. Particular attention is given to the institutional development of public and political opinion as well as to the institutional and diplomatic practices in Europe.

Particular attention is paid to the institutional development of the diplomatic services, the diplomatic tools, standards of the protocol, the etiquette and the ceremony of the leading countries in Europe. The directions of the evolution of the theory and practice of diplomacy in historical perspective. The professional demands to the diplomats and government employees, who are engaged in the foreign policy in the context of particular historical period of their activities and continuity of diplomatic practice, are analyzed.


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