Activity of municipal power of city of Kharkiv in the period of First World War

  • A. S. Myasnikova
Keywords: needs of city, Kharkov municipal power, the First World War


The events of the First World War at once put before Kharkov municipal power the decision of row strategically important questions. Kharkov is a large center, that is located on crossing of plenty of railway roads, and that is why and concentrated in itself plenty of patients and the scotched soldiery. Therefore from activity of Thought and Justice life and health of servicemen that got on treatment in Kharkov depended in this historical period. Politics of organs of Kharkov self-government decided the major questions of war-time : defect sanitary-medical to the inventory, shots and hospital places, medications and foodstuffs. But next to these questions the problems of peaceful population are settled. In the article basic directions of activity of municipal power of Kharkov open up in the period of the First World War. Efficiency of activity of Kharkov municipal self-government is analysed, the lacks of politics of vowel are determined Thoughts in this historical period. Keywords: the First World War, Kharkov municipal power, necessities of city. The aim of the article is to analyze activity of municipal power of Kharkov in the period of the First World War, and also to define or politics of Kharkov self-government was effective.


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