Formation of Teaching Corps of Folk Elementary Schools of the Kyiv Diocese on the pages of the «Guidebook for Village Pastors» in the 1860s

  • Mykhailo Yanchuk Pavlo Tychyna Uman State Pedagogical University
Keywords: «Guidebook for Village Pastors», Kyiv diocese, church press, elementary folk schools, church parish schools, observer of church village schools


The article deals with the analysis of publications on the teaching and superintendence of the elementary folk schools of the Orthodox rural clergy, which appeared on the pages of the church periodical «Guidebook for Village Pastors» in the 1860s. It was shown that the Orthodox clergy of the Kyiv diocese had undeniable successes in the distribution of elementary education: the number of parish schools opened by them and the number of students involved, significantly exceeded the corresponding indicators of public schools. The educational policy and practical activity of the clergy in the educational sphere in the 1860s were approved by the society, but there were concerns about the teaching ability of village parish priests who got their education of theological seminaries and were not prepared specifically for teaching. Such warnings were the reason for discussions about the participation of the parish clergy in the education of their people.

According to the study of the eparchial weekly publications, cited in the article, the fulfillment of teaching duties by the rural clergy had a global problem, namely the departmental subordination of elementary education. On the back of liberal social reforms of the 1860s the educational activity of the Orthodox clergy has gained approval and recognition, under the sign of which even the materials of polemic character were published. That is, the very statement of the question of teaching the clergy acquired a rhetorical meaning, and the indication of the temporality of such a solution seemed not very convincing. It is noted that the weekly «Guidebook for Village Pastors» needs a comprehensive analysis for all the years of its existence (1860-1917), as it was one of the means of influencing the formation of public opinion of a wide audience and is a very informative source for studying the cultural and educational activities of the Orthodox Church.


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