Religious School Congresses in the Kyiv Diocese as Means of Solving the Primary Religious Education Financing Issues

  • Antonina Kukuruza Pavlo Tychyna Uman State Pedagogical University
Keywords: Kyiv diocese, religious schools, school districts, primary religious education, parish clergy, eparchial church press, deputies of school congresses


The article deals with the analysis of materials concerning the collegiate congresses of the deputies from the Orthodox clergy of the Kyiv diocese in the 1960 s and at the beginning of the 20th century. It is noted that in the Kyiv diocese there were five primary religious schools for men, and therefore the territory was conditionally divided into five school districts. It was done to ensure a systematic distribution of students’ contingent between these educational institutions. Such procedure of the clergy territorial attachment to the nearest religious schools gained new meaning after the adoption of a new statute for religious schools and seminaries in 1867. This document gave more possibilities for the clergy children to get education, and it was the clergy itself who was involved in active participation in the schools’ functioning. On the basis of the analysis of publications about the first school congresses in the eparchial church press and archival materials, it was found that school congresses deputies and church administration had different understanding of congress tasks. The clergy perceived the congress as a form of expanding their rights and democratizing the management of the middle and lower levels of religious education, and the church authorities tried to make the diocesan clergy responsible for the maintenance and provision of religious schools. The article follows the evolution in the character of school congresses.

The article states that the clergy participation in the education of their children was a regulated and controlled process. Among the main forms of regulation and control there were: a clear definition of the election procedure and requirements for congress deputies, approval of congress program by the diocesan leadership, verification and approval of protocols and decrees. After committing the eparchial clergy to find funds for the financing of religious schools, the church administration made them to present financial reports on school congresses to control money spending.

It is noted that the protocols of school congresses of the clergy are quite informative and little-studied source, which requires a comprehensive analysis. Their study and introduction into scientific works will complement the history of religious schools and the history of education in general.


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