Historical tradition and Modern Models of the Roman Catholic Church: the Institutionalization of Political and Diplomatic Realities of Italy

  • V. Tsivatyi Taras Shevchenko National University of Kyiv
Keywords: foreign policy, diplomacy, diplomacy model, institutionalization, the Catholic Church, church models, church history, the history of the Pope, Italy


At the article is analyzed and systematized the activities of the Catholic Church in the context of realizing of public diplomacy as a form of political and diplomatic dialogue in the historical retrospect and in the modern world. The attention on consideration basic «models of church» in modern Italy, its peculiarity, role in political and politico-diplomatic life of the country. Particular attention was paid to the institutional changes of church in the conditions of new challenges and threats of globalization and post-modernism, and in the minds of the laity, especially after the II Vatican Council (1962-1965). Characterized by the example of Italy, features and forms of implementation unofficial diplomacy of the Catholic Church (public diplomacy of the Catholic Church) in contemporary international relations and the role of unofficial diplomacy in resolving of international conflicts.

The article considers the basic «models of Church,» their particular role in the social life of contemporary Italy, contribution into the preservation of Christian values in the context of globalization and postmodernism. Particular attention is paid to rethinking the place of laity in the institute of Church after the Second Vatican Council.

Fundamental changes historical areas and political picture of the world in the emerging polycentric world requires from contemporary and modern approach to conceptualize the church - civilization. During the long history of government has always tried to fully subordinate activities of the church his political interests. As in modern Italy, and in Italy, historic in its distant past quite diverse manifestations of «sacred» and models of churches (from the Middle Ages and Early Modern Times to the Present).


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