Keywords: arms race, naval nuclear information agreement,, China,, USA,, the Asia-Pacific region (APAC),, AUKUS,


The article examines the creation of the tripartite security partnership AUKUS (Australia, United Kingdom, United States) in the context of the changing strategic environment in the Asia-Pacific region, where we can trace a clash of interests between two world powers: China and the United States. The new alliance declares the goal of strengthening the cooperation of its members in the spheres of diplomacy, security and defense in a long-term perspective. In fact, it is planned to establish an effective counterweight to the China’s role strengthening on a global scale as a whole, and in the Asia-Pacific region in particular. Under the conditions of persistent economic growth, Chinese foreign policy is gradually evolving towards expansionism. The first step on this path is an attempt to establish the factual control over the Asia-Pacific region. China’s efforts in the region pose challenges to US policy of protecting its Asian allies. Under these conditions, the old regional associations cease to correspond to the new realities. Australia’s engagement with AUKUS is stipulated by the growing contradictions with China. For the UK, this partnership is seen as an opportunity to strengthen its global player status, both in the economic and political dimensions. On the one hand, the new strategic alliance aims to deepen the diplomatic, security and scientific cooperation of the participating countries to counter the PRC’s attempts to change the balance of power in the Asia-Pacific region by achieving regional and potentially global dominance through military and economic supremacy. On the other hand, emergence of a military alliance with the obvious aim of confronting China may provoke an arms race escalation or increase the risk of armed conflict at the regional and global scales.


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