Keywords: Hetmanate., Central State Archive of the Highest Body of Power and Administration of Ukraine,, genealogical scheme,, genealogical research,, Oleksandr Ogloblyn,


Oleksandr Petrovych Ohloblyn is a famous historian, historiographer, archeologist, archivist, and public activist. Ohlob lyn is one of the creators of the statist movement in Ukrainian historiography, author of over a thousand scientific works, founder of the school of Ukrainian emigrant statist historians, Founder and Head of the Ukrainian Historical So ciety and President of the Ukrainian Academy of Arts and Science in the USA. Oleksandr Ohloblyn left a notable mark in Ukrainian genealogical studies, which he was working on both in Ukraine and abroad. Throughout his life, he collected different data, information, and records, taking special interest in the genealogy of the Left-bank and Little Russia nobility. In the Soviet times, the researcher was able to introduce several genealogical records into common scientific use. A part of the genealogical records he had collected as well as the documents that characterize his scientific and public activity are currently kept in the Central State Archive of the Highest Body of Power and Administration of Ukraine. Ohloblyn’s personal fund contains a total of 382 storage elements that chronologically span the time period of the scientist’s life from 1899 till 1992.
These archive records allowed to discover the investigator’s creative laborato ry and identify his methodology of genealogical reconstruction. The research remarks Ohloblyn’s contribution to the investigation of the starshina, cossack, clerical, and burgher genealogy of Hetmanate. The analysis of his scientific heritage, particularly his genealogical investigations and records that are kept in Ohloblyn’s personal fund at the Central State Archive of the Highest Body of Power and Administration of Ukraine, shows presence of significant doc umental data base allowing for reconstruction of different categories of the population of Ukraine. We also find the methodology of genealogical research that he developed to be of interest. Ohloblyn left the heritage that remains relevant till this day and will be of use to many more generations of scientists.


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