Keywords: Rivne County., “Freiheit”,, “Culture League”,, “Stage and Education”,, Volyn,


The article, based on the analysis of domestic and foreign literature, as well as the source base, covers the cultural activities of Jewish societies in Rivne County in the interwar period. During the study, the state of scientific cover age of the problem in domestic and world historiography was analyzed. It was found that this topic is almost not studied in the scientific works of Ukrainian and foreign researchers. It is shown that Jews were forced to independently create conditions for cultivating national traditions and developing their na tive culture. It is determined that the priority direction of public life of the Jewish community in the Volyn voivodeship of the interwar period was cultur al activity. Currently, the following organizations were engaged in cultural life in Rivne County: “Culture League”, “Stage and Education”, “Freyheit”, “Yabne” and “Shul-Kult”. It is proved that Jewish cultural societies founded libraries and reading rooms; held evenings, performances, lectures and dances. It is noted that a characteristic feature of the activities of Jewish cultural or ganizations in Rivne County was that they all emerged in the early 1930s and were influenced by left-wing Jewish parties. It is said that in an effort to protect young people from Polish assimilationist influences and to ensure a proper level of culture, Jewish cultural societies have made considerable efforts to hold various cultural events in Rivne County.


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