As Zaporizhzhia Communists built Dneproges

  • S. Lyakh Zaporizhzhia National University
Keywords: the Dneproges, the Dneprostroi, the CPSU(b), the CP(b) U, Communist party nomenclature, Stalinism, Stalinist industrialization


The article recreates the atmosphere of politicization that accompanied the construction of industrial facilities in Dnieper construction in Zaporizhzhia in 1927-1934. He focuses on personal ambitions and experiences of the leaders and activists of the party organization of the Communist party (Bolshevik) of Ukraine. A well-known fact: hostile attitude of the Communists to the non-party engineers and technicians – is complemented by details: technical incompetence of Communist party officials, forcibly manners, neglect of technological requirements, a complete lack of understanding of the specifics of professional intellectual activity, simplification of production tasks. The author gives a «live voice of participants in the events» recorded in the transcripts of party meetings, and produces its textual and semiological analysis.

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