Keywords: international organizations, strategic partnership, bilateral cooperation, foreign policy


Thecontributionofthe Ukrainian diaspora to the US recognition of Ukraine’s independence is studied and the influence of the diaspora on the development of interstate cooperation is clarified, its role in protectingnational external and internal interests and establishing the Ukrainian state on the world stage is determined. Information activities of the Ukrainian diaspora institutionswere aimed primarily at spreading the truth about the desire of the Ukrainian people to build an independent state.

It was found that during 1991-2018, the Ukrainian diaspora tried to influence the development of interstate cooperation between Ukraine and the United States by maintaining contacts with the executors and the legislative branches of government in the US government. Interparliamentary cooperation was carried out with the assistance of members of the Ukrainian Congressional Caucus and the US House of Representatives. One of the ways to fulfill this mission – the Ukrainian Days in the US Congress, which have been held annually in Washington since 2005, at the initiative of the Ukrainian National Information Service. The purpose of this project is to get acquainted with the main factors in shaping the US policy towards Ukraine, to estimate the current situation and prospects for relations between the two countries, as well as meetings with representatives of their regions in the House and Senate.

It was emphasized that the main directions of cooperation of the Ukrainian diaspora with official US institutions correspond to the internal and external interests of Ukraine. The Ukrainian Congress Caucus, the Ukrainian National Information Service, the Ukrainian Congress Committee of America, and a network of other organizations which are actively working to highlight the major problems of Ukrainians and ensure Ukraine’s international image.


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