Keywords: @POTUS, Twitter, social media, D.Trump, B.Obama, digital infrastructure, digital transition


This article describes the beginning of the “digital transition” tradition in American political culture. Therefore, the formation of the technical transition procedure has been analyzed. It entails archiving the records of the previous presidential administration and filing of archives. This element is provided by the National Archives and Records Administration (NARA). The next element of the procedure is the technical transfer of the accounts of the next presidential administration. This process is provided by a private company Twitter. The report addresses the issue of public-private partnerships in the digital transition process.

The article explores the contrast between personal and official factors in their activities in the context of the emerging practice of United States presidents using official Twitter accounts. Uncertainties surrounding the question of the president-social networks result in inconsistent interpretations of the concept of presidential records. The article analyzes the problem of personal and official activities of B. Obama and D. Trump on Twitter based on legal and procedural precedents.

The article analyzes different approaches to using Twitter between B. Obama and D. Trump. The separation of private records of the 44th President of the United States of America through the creation of an official Twitter account @POTUS. The article analyzes the rejection of the digital transition tradition and the neglect to use the President’s official account. By contrast, D. Trump used his personal account as an official during his presidency.

In addition, the article examines statistics on the use of Twitter by these USA presidents. Analysis of the number and frequency of publications defined a manner of account management. The report covers the authorship of publications and access to the accounts of campaign workers and presidential administrations.


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