• S. Bilonozhko Zaporizhzhia National University
  • O. Davletov Zaporizhzhia National University
Keywords: anti-Semitism, political scandals, revisionists, anti-refferers, drayfussaries


The article analyzes the role of the press during one of the largest political scandals in France at the end of the nineteenth century, “The Dreyfus Case.” In the context of this case, there are such publications of the following direction as anti-Dreyfusari, drayfusari and revisionist. The most numerous group of newspapers we call anti-Druid-fuehrers were convinced of the captain’s legitimate condemnation and defended the state treason as an officer of Jewish origin who had all the necessary reasons to sell military secrets to Germany. The second group of editions, the driftors, remained the least numerous until the very end, but its influence was definitely the most powerful. This camp championed the honor of a captain who, in their opinion, had no personal reasons to commit a crime of such magnitude. The name of the third group of editions - the revisionists - speaks for itself. There were over 15 of them, and they defended the right of the captain and his associates to review the lawsuit.


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