Migrant way of Polish population through Ukrainian lands (1914-1918)

  • O. Bilobrovets Zhytomyr Ivan Franko State University
Keywords: Polish refugees, migrant way, First World War


The flow of refugees from the Kingdom of Poland and Galicia passed through the Ukrainian lands, where a significant part of them settled. Since October 1914 their number increased and reached the maximum in the summer of 1915 after the retreat of the Russian army from Galicia and the loss of Warsaw. The majority of settlers were peasants and workers, who were recruited in the border areas in the south-eastern regions of Ukraine for work in factories and mines. The smallest part of the refugees came from the intelligentsia, which faced the problem of placement and demanded external support. A significant number of Polish refugees stayed in places where the Polish population or the big cities, in particular, Kiev, Odesa, Kharkiv, Ekaterinoslav, Zhytomyr prevailed, where it was easier to find a job and in which life was similar to the usual one. Polish civic organizations in large cities and towns have been caring for refugees. They distributed state aid, collected charitable contributions, organized food, helped to find work, arranged shelters. The largest of them - the department of the Petrograd Polish Society for the Victims of War and the Central Public Committee were represented in all major Ukrainian cities and towns. State aid to refugees has been decreasing over the years, and therefore the support of the local Polish community was important. The return of refugees to their homeland was stretched over time. It took place under difficult conditions in the absence of sufficient material and organizational support of the authorities.


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