The Phenomenon of Prosopography in the History of Science and Technology: Theory and Practice Matters

  • M. Rohozha NAAS National Agricultural Library of Science
Keywords: prosopography, national-liberation struggle, prominent personalities, human destinies


At first, it is necessary to mention that the term “phenomenon” is comprehended as the explanation of something extraordinary that is available at the sensual level, is embraced by the mind and provides the agent with the sensual experience, necessary for the further cognition of reality and one’s place in it. Hence, the author uses the instruments of prospography, while preparing the paper concerning the biographies of prominent personalities with the help of available and necessary information. Simultaneously, the knowledge space of the history of science and technologies is considered as rather friendly for using instruments of prosopography for research, completing and publication biographies of prominent personalities. Basing on theorization of Ya. Dashkevych, the author arranged information about prominent personalities, and differentiated it in five “blocks of questions”. Selection of Ukrainian science prominent personalities is of probabilistic character that presupposes, according to the author’s plan, defining general and special, common and singular features in their hypostasis that were peculiar for the tsar Russia differentiated society. Also, it is necessary to mention that their transfer to the socio-cultural space of national liberation struggle was causally conditioned, and further – in soviet period times – reluctant, that found its expression in correspondent behavior stereotypes. Moreover, some prominent personalities mentioned at the paper, tasted national liberation defeat, retreat, internship, reluctant emigration, after all, found strength to live and to work for Ukrainian cause and so on. Another part stayed in Soviet Ukraine, tasted contemptuous ignoring, suspicions, political prosecutions, repressions, camps…

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