The Ukrainian Revolution of 1917-1921 in the historical policy of P.Poroshenko

  • S. Vlasiuk National University of Ostroh Academy
Keywords: Ukrainian revolution, Kruty, Ukrainian Unity Day, M. Hrushevsky, P. Poroshenko, decree, order


Historical politics after the Revolution of Dignity is conducted i excellent conditions, in comparison with previous years, which cause a radical revision of its main themes and concepts of certain events and individuals. The annexation of the Crimea and the military aggression of Russia have led to the rejection of and elements of the Soviet canon and the emphasis o the Ukrainian national one instead, which should unite the country in a joint struggle with and external aggressor and consolidate the society o common ideals. The main thesis of the article is to reveal the place of the Ukrainian Revolution of 1917-1921 in the memorable practices of modern Ukraine.

The methodological basis consists of and interdisciplinary approach that is typical for all «memory studies» researches, based on discourse analysis, historical comparative analysis, principles of systemicity and logical presentation. The study uses established and generally accepted concepts in this field of research. An important place is also devoted to the idea of «inventing the tradition» by E. Hobsbawm and T. Ranger. The concepts of P. Connerton were also important i studying of commemorative practices of central authorities.

The scientific novelty of the work is that i is the first study of the policy of the memory of central and local authorities in 2014-2018 regarding the period of the liberation struggles of 1917-1921. The work analizes the attitudes and strategies of the memorial actors i relations to the events and figures of this period. It is proposing the author’s understanding of the place of the Ukrainian revolution i politics of memory during the presidency of P. Poroshenko. It is studying the implementation of legislative initiatives of the authorities i the field of preserving the memory of the leaders and events of the revolution, the formation of commemorative canons for the anniversaries of events and dates of the revolution.

The Ukrainian Revolution of 1917-1921 takes one of the leading places in P. Poroshenko’s thematic set of politics of memory. The most significant events are characterized by the celebration of the centennial of the events of the revolution. This topic is the most relevant now, as events of centuries antiquity, symbolically combined with the modern stage of Ukrainian history. The speeches of the ruling elite constantly emphasize the symbolic connection with the state creation of that time; similarities are sought with the revolutionary events of a century-old.

During this period, the commemorative canon war modified as regards the celebration of the Day of Unity of Ukraine. President of Ukraine, returned the tradition of personal commemoration of the participants of the Battle of Kruty. Imitation of Yushchenko’s memorial initiatives is also noticeable. As a result of the adoption of the decommunization laws, the conditions for the implementation of the presidential decree were changed.


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