Тhе сreation and development of Zaporizhzhia fire technical school in 1918 - 1934

  • M. I. Kharlamov National University of Civil Defence of Ukraine
Keywords: fire brigade, fire technical school, advanced training, curriculum, fire discipline, school of fire engineers


The purpose of the study is to consider the main aspects of the fire schooltechnical school in the city of Zaporizhzhia in 1918-1934. In the scientific work are characterized by the general problems of development of the Zaporizhzhia fire school (schools of firemasters): the rules of admission to an educational institution, academic discipline, financing. Also, the issues of work of the commission of the People’s Commissariat of Education of the USSR in the college in the early 1930’s are considered. The article used the problemchronological and historical-systematic methods of research, which made it possible, in our opinion, to objectively approach the analysis of the specified scientific issues. This scientific article is based on of little-known periodicals materials of fire direction of the 1920s-1930s. In 1918, according to the decision of the Zaporizhzhia Voluntary Fire Society (ZPPT), a school of fire engineers with an annual training period was organized. The fire department in Leningrad closed, and the new fire fighting management structure, especially the industry, required the presence of qualified firefighters. The Zaporizhzhia Voluntary Fire Society took over the maintenance of the fire brigade school in Zaporizhzhia, which provided the necessary facilities and facilities for work.

In the 1928, 50 applications were submitted to Zaporizhzhia fire technicians to enter the school, but 10 were dismissed because of poor health and five were not admitted to study due to poor general education. In total 1928, there were 30 men in the first year, and 15 men in the second year. Due to the strengthening of the requirements for the qualification of graduates of the fire school, in the academic year 1928-1929, educational programs and plans of the educational establishment were somewhat updated, and the number of study hours in some disciplines was increased. The general curriculum of the Zaporizhzhia Biennial Fire School contained 1,484 hours for studying theoretical material and 640 hours for practical classes.

For the period from 1918 to 1934, the fire school in the city of Zaporizhzhia did not interrupt the educational process by preparing skilled firemen for various sectors of the national economy of Ukraine. The fire burners who studied at the fire school-technical school, for the most part, received sufficient training to carry out the duties of various superiors in the field of fire protection in Ukraine.


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