The Formation of Memory on Jewish People Genocide in the Soviet Cinematography

  • O. V. Sakhno Zaporizhzhia National University
Keywords: Second World War, Jewish people, genocide, cinema, propaganda


In the article, the influence of cinematography on the memory formation about Jewish people genocide is analysed. The propaganda purpose of filmmaking in the 1930s with the aim at a particular Jewish topic, its further prohibition in 1939 and screen comeback at the beginning of German and Soviet war is shown. Attention is drawn of the fact that during 1960-1970s, a great number of films did not meet the requirements of ideological consistency. The main distinction between the represented subject of European genocide in Soviet cinematography and the Western one is disclosed. An episodic and nonessential feature of Jewish topic in Soviet films due to the “Soviet character of war victims” is emphasised. The role of the Soviet cinematography in the formation of myth on the “Great Patriotic War” is mentioned.


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