The early period of life and activity of paleozoology academician M. Pavlova (1854-1938)

  • H. V. Deforzh
Keywords: science, fossil vertebrates, paleontology, paleozoology, Biology


Domestic paleozoologycal science as an important area of biological knowledge, was shaped by the work of many domestic scientists. Today, we are constantly remembering names of V.O. Kovalevsky, A.A. Borisyak, I.G. Pіdoplichko, V.A. Topachevskogo, L.I. Rekovtsya - scientists who have made a significant contribution to the development of this science. Paleozoologist Mariya Pavlova (1854-1938) - is a whole epoch in the development of paleozoologycal science , because she is - an outstanding scientist, its organizer, promoter and propagandist. Probably there are no such a biologist who has not heard, did not know about this outstanding personality. Her scientific work became a significant contribution to shaping the history of the organic world and quickly pushed it into a cohort of prominent evolutionary paleontologists. Major works of Mary Vasilyevna are devoted to the history of ungulates (horses, rhinos, various cloven-hoofed animals and Proboscidea). She described numerous fossil remains of mammals, which have been collected on the territory of the former Soviet Union and Ukraine, among others. The article highlights the early period of life and work of M. Pavlova, shows how was formed her scientific positions.


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