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Author Guidelines

The journal Zaporizhzhia Historical Review publishes regular research articles, review articles and book reviews.

Fields: Historical Sciences (Ukrainian History, World History, Archeology, Historiography, Historical Theory and Methods, Ethnology, History of Science and Technology, Historical Documentology,  Archivistics).

Zaporizhzhia Historical Review is an open access journal. All content is freely available to read, download, and print.

Authors willing to submit a manuscript to Zaporizhzhia Historical Review should consider the following requirements. 

Regular research article should be structured as follows:

  • general statement(s) upon the subject to be reported; the main reasons why the research performed is viewed as scientifically topical and practically valuable;
  • review of the related up-to-date academic literature;
  • statement(s) that indicate need for more investigation;
  • specific statement(s) providing the purpose/objectives of the writer’s study;
  • results and discussion with extensive comments on the findings and the study on the whole;
  • conclusions and recommendations for future research and/or practical applications.

The manuscript should be submitted electronically as an e-mail attachment to zhrznu@gmail.comAuthors who do not hold academic degree are required to send a scanned copy of the first page of the manuscript with the recommendation and signature of the research supervisor alongside with the manuscript file.

Rules of the text layout.

The text of the article must be submitted in Microsoft Word for Windows format (docx). Font: Times New Roman, size: 14, line spacing: 1.5; margins: left — 3 cm, top — 2 cm, right — 1.5 cm, bottom — 2 cm.

The manuscript is to be accompanied by a separate file containing information about each author: family name, first name, and patronymic, scientific degree, academic title, place of work / study, position, mobile phone number, e-mail, the number of Nova Poshta delivery office.

The filename with the manuscript should include author’s surname in Latin symbols (i.e. ivanov.doc). Use ivanov_avtor.doc. for the filename with the information about the author.

The paper should be arranged as follows: UDC (Universal Decimal Classification); article title; initials and surname(s) of the author(s); affiliation; e-mail(s); ORCID(s); abstract and key words; text of the article; references (primary sources and literature).

The abstract, key words and the title should be in English and Ukrainian. It is required that the volume of the abstract in Ukrainian is not less than 500 graphic characters, in English — not less than 1800 graphic characters with spaces. Ensure that the translation of the abstract and the title follow the norms and spelling conventions of the literary language.

The list of references is designed in compliance with Bibliographic DSTU (State standard of Ukraine) 8302:2015. Bibliographic reference. General principles and drafting rules.

References to cited works are page-oriented and placed as notes at the bottom of the same page where the citation is given.

The manuscript should be 0,3 — 1,5 printed sheets in length (20.000 — 60.000 graphic characters with spaces).

Manuscripts in English and Ukrainian are accepted. Papers submitted in English are given preference.

Opinions expressed in the articles are those of their authors and may not reflect the editorial opinion of Zaporizhzhia Historical Review. The editorial board bears no responsibility for the provided data, citations, facts, and references accuracy.

Please contact Yurii O. Kahanov, Editor-in Chief, for any further inquiries concerning submission procedures and peer-review policies.